About Us


Meet Kelly Berger

It’s a privilege to run this consulting business and to be an affiliate of Business Alliance Incorporated (BAI). I aspire to be a trusted advisor in (the business of) matchmaking qualified business buyers with well-vetted, professional franchise opportunities.

My primary objective is to find and introduce you to premier franchise opportunities that will provide you with the financial growth, business type, and level of engagement you seek.

As a franchise consultant, I enjoy my multifaceted role of listener, synthesizer and investigator. I listen to understand your motivations, interests, strengths and financial profile. I synthesize what you share in order to capture a full understanding of the multi-dimensional investor which you are. Our thorough upfront conversations will direct my investigation into the 300+ franchise opportunities with whom I’m affiliated to ultimately find the franchise options best suited for you.

Working with a franchise consultant is an enlightening and productive investment of your time. There is no cost to you. If you are intrigued by any franchises I present, I’ll introduce you to the franchise development professionals who will guide you through their vetting and discovery process.  My role is to cut-through the multitude of varied franchise options and launch you on your ideal path.

I like to listen, analyze, problem-solve and coach. My professional experience includes 20 years as an executive recruiter with McKinsey & Company; masters-level work as a mental health counselor, and time spent as a teacher, writer and researcher. Outside the office, I enjoy hiking, biking, traveling with family and volunteering in my community.