Why should I buy a franchise?

The most significant benefit to owning a franchise is the reduced level of risk. A franchise system provides a proven method of doing business, so you can eliminate the trials and errors associated with starting a business from scratch. The franchisor provides guidance and support with the different functions of the business - sales & marketing, purchasing supplies, hiring staff, real estate and build outs. The franchisor knows what issues can arise and how to deal with challenges effectively. The franchisor will provide extensive initial training so you'll hit the ground running.

Why should I work with New Moon Franchise Consultants LLC?

The benefit of working with New Moon Franchise Consultants is to save time, money and potential aggravation. Our expertise in targeting the best fit for you and our contracted relationships with premier franchisors can save you weeks and months in research time. There is no cost to you for our services. The price of your franchise and any associated fees will not be higher if you explore opportunities through us.

How much does it cost to use the services of New Moon Franchise Consultants LLC?

You do not pay for the services of New Moon Franchise Consultants. Our franchise partners absorb our marketing costs as they recognize the quality and fit of the clients who we vet and present.

How will New Moon Franchise Consultants help find the best franchise for me?

Our goal is to find an opportunity that meets the specific needs of each client with whom we work. Through your submission of our confidential questionnaire and our targeted conversations about your interests, we will be equipped to match you with franchise opportunities that provide the work style and financial goals you seek.

Over the course of 30-years in franchise consulting, BAI has vetted hundreds of companies from all lines of business so you won’t have to. The firms we partner with must meet the exacting standards we have maintained for decades. The mutual respect between BAI corporate, BAI affiliates, the franchise owners and franchise development teams ensures a strong framework for your success.

Here is a small sample of the information we will discuss with you:

  • Your current and past business experience and/or past business ownership
  • The hours you like to work and how involved you’d like to be in running your business - (e.g., owner-operator, executive level, semi absentee)
  • Where you’d like your business to be located
  • How you feel about managing people
  • The amount of capital you have to start a business
  • Your plans to have / not have a business partner
  • Your interest in managing a single or multi-unit business
  • Your timing in launching your business

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. Our relationship partners are experienced with this issue and many offer financing options. We can introduce you to professionals who can assist you. It’s important that you have a comprehensive picture of your financial profile and understand upfront your options for loans or 401k withdrawals. Much like shopping for a house, it’s best to work with a financial partner (Pre-Qualify for Funding) before getting too far down the road.

Financing can be a major hurdle for any potential business owner. Start-up costs can be high and it is essential that a franchisee has adequate working capital.

Do I need specific industry experience to successfully own a franchise?

No. In fact many franchisees have had no experience in the industry into which they ultimately buy. Franchisors prefer their business operators focus on running the business and not focus on performing the labor their concepts require. Franchisees are managers, rather than workers. Franchisors need people who will be effective in motivating employees, generating sales and running the day-to-day operations as effectively as possible.

How soon can I get my business started?

This is entirely up to you. If you are motivated, our consulting process can be completed within a few days. Buyers who follow our process and investigate different franchise opportunities, typically find a great match within one to three months. After you select the right business for you, it typically takes from 2 weeks to 6 months for your business to be open for operation.